zondag 29 januari 2012

Boopboop pidoop.

MY MIDTERMS WENT AMAZING. I passed English, Geography, Art, French, and HISTORY.
I'm so glad I passed history. I was incredibly nervous and basically flipping my shit because last year I failed terribly with a 40%. I studied like crazy, made a summary of the 2 books covering the subject and went in with a head full of worries. Turns out, I didn't have to worry AT ALL! Guess who passed with 75%? 

 You're damn right if you're thinking 'oh wow, she sure thinks she's a beast now :l '

Dutch: 46 (guuuuuhhh)
English: 74, 91 and... another mark about 70 that I don't remember (e 3 e)~♪
French: 61
History: 75
Geography: 66
Economics: 53 (that's pretty neat for my doing :3)
Art: 61 (or 63? I don't remember ;;)

Dunno when I'll get my definite marks for English, I hope I did well! If I didn't, I'll be kicked out of school. Σ(@ω@;) Aaaaa the stress, the stress.

Like 2 weeks ago I went to the opening of the new GameMania store and we were told that a Raving Rabbit would be there, so everyone was all "¬ 3 ¬ fuck that.." BUT THEN ALTAIR SHOWED UP.

All my hysterics when he walked in and around, pushing people aside like in the game, blending in in between the crowd and actually getting up on the counter and crouching down on it as if he was synchronizing on the roof of a building and drfctyvyugiujkvbdf. Sorry. My AC boner smacked down on my keyboard.

YESTERDAY I decided to put on try to recreate Rogu's eyeliner. It wasn't a success, but I found out that the way I put it on suits me. I went to work this way because I liked it a lot. I was wearing my Puffy 3 Tones Gray, if anyone wonders, haha.  Pictures, pictures~ 

I've also started eating healthier because I want to lose 6kg. I don't look it, but I weigh 70kg right now and I don't like this AT ALL. I used to weigh 60kg LAST SUMMER. :l  To help me lose weight, I've been playing DDR like crazy. I got AAA GREAT FULL COMBO on a song that I had never played before and I was really proud of myself. Why? I play on 2 to 3 times the original speed and let me tell you, that shit is fast. BURNING CALORIES WITH THE SPEED OF 160BPM X 2.  

You must've noticed my little stamp thingy in my pictures has changed. Before it used to be just 'Kuchizuke' with 'stroke' around it, but this time I actually made a stamp. 

I like it C: What do you think?
If you like it, you're awesome. And if you don't, the gif below is for you ♥

x. Naokin

PS: I've got a formspring account now! :D
The widget is in my sidebar! Drop me some questions <3 

woensdag 18 januari 2012

Para Para パラパラ

This picture makes me look kinda fat :c

As you can see, I messed with my layout again. Forever indecisive WOO! 

Yesterday after watching Pin's new routine, I decided to check out more para para videos. I've seen many really good songs, but there's one song that I've been loving in particular: Eye of the Tiger by Rok-matic. So I searched for a routine I liked and I came across this one.

So I've been trying to learn this para para routine from about 12 to 2pm and omg @-@ All these arm movements were making me yegbukfjdfkjd. The first time I saw a para para routine on the internet was in 2010 I think and I thought it was the easiest thing EVER. Ahaaaaa.. I can't begin to describe how wrong I was. I've got everything down aside from the chorus, though. C: I make mistakes, but I only started this today so I'm not disappointed.

My midterms stared this monday. Tomorrow/today is gonna be a bitch because I've got my history oral exam and last year I had an F/40% @ u @;;;; I love history, but dutch history is so boring.. Can't wait till it's Friday afternoon. This shit will be over I'll know whether I'm getting kicked out of highschool or not. Yay, being a terrible student. Woooooo.

No coords or gets because I've been lacking inspiration for a while and am broke as fuck. (@ u @;;) I found some today though! I should invest in a cardigan, because I enjoy the schoolboy type of look. I also need more necklaces and everything. Aaaa I feel so noobish, haha..;;;

At the moment, my biggest inspiration is this guy. He goes by the name Rogu and I'm not exactly surewhat kei he is. Visual? gyaru-o? No idea, but he looks AWESOME.

I've also been browsing the blog of this fairy kei girl,  and my love for pastel colours has been resurrected. Her coords are so cool and she pulls off 'creepy cute' like a pro. Sometimes she also does some kodona. Aaaaa I'm in love.

Her blog, Carousel Dreams

Ok ok ok fuck. It's 3:21am and I've got an exam at 10.05am. fuuuuuuuck I need sleep ok bye

x. Naokin~

vrijdag 13 januari 2012

Happy birthday, sis ♥

Today is my little sister's birthday. She's 6 years old now.
Shit guise, I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday, haha.

She didn't want to do much, so she just invited her friends over 
and are running around in the house as we speak. 

I didn't get her anything, because I'm broke as fuck,
but I'll buy her something after I get paid next month c:


Mom bought KFC because she was literally begging her to buy some. ~ w ~ fucking love KFC. <33 My mom is a pro at oven fries :l Because leaving them in there after they're done is a great idea ;punch1 *chews fries that are more like crackers than fries*

Next week is midterms week for me. Ah, sweet agony. How I loathe you so~ Not stressing for Dutch, English, French, or geography, but history, economics,  and art are gonna KILL me. Especially since history is a ORAL exam. And I SUCK at oral exams that aren't language oral exams @ n @;;; Fuck fuck fuck fuck I'm so behind on studying, it's insane. ;_________; Cry ALL the tears.

I also stumbled upon this Spanish gyaru-o named Matt's blog yesterday and omg I am in love with his styyyyyyyyyyle freiubnrdivfrnwdkfcrfef He's in Hysterical gyaru-sa and I just... aaaaa. Such an inspiration + w +

Have a random picture of me in my pjs, haha (fuck yeah, Fable3 shirt <3) :l My morning-I-just-had-to-go-get-the-mail hair looks better than it does then I actually do effort on it.
Crying violently ;_;

I kinda also want to look into getting extensions like the pictures below because I think it looks really cool O: The long pieces, I mean. I think MadRevolver has them, too. Not sure, don't remember haha;;

x. Naokin~

dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Movie Report: IN TIME + she's gone ;c

SO, on Sunday I went to the movies with Demy, my cousin and my cousin's girlfriend. After an eternal debate we finally decided to go see the movie 'In Time'.

In a future where people stop aging at 25, but are engineered to live only one more year, having the means to buy your way out of the situation is a shot at immortal youth. Here, Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) finds himself accused of murder and on the run with a hostage - a connection that becomes an important part of the way against the system.
(source: IMDb)

Shit, the movie was so good! It was completely different from what I expected it to be. I never even thought of  such a concept of time literally being your life. Very original and absolutely entertaining. It immediately shows how people REALLY are and what they really are worth.
The acting and plot were great. The music and progress of the story were near flawless and it overall was amazing.

But, to be honest, I wouldn't be able to live in a world like that, because you literally have no time to waste. Wasting time means wasting your life and that means being lazy is out of the question. You can buy time, yeah, but time is also very easy to steal. Man, I want to see it again. It was just so cool ♥ I haven't seen such an original and deep concept in YEARS.

Watch the trailer!
(lolol pretty face you've got there, Minute Man)

~ *** ~

On another note,Demy went back to America yesterday (after a lot of shit that happened that day ;;; ).

Baaaaaww I miss her already. I had a little 'oh yeah' this morning. I was all over my bed and then I went 'Oh, shit, I'm pushing her off" before remembering that she's not even here anymore. I felt kinda stupid ahaha ;;
Time to save up and go visit her this time! Excited already <3

tuyiedncdjkde I should be getting ready for school. Faaaaaaaaaaak. *runs to the bathroom to take a shower*

x. Naokin~

zondag 8 januari 2012

gtvuyhbjkfdvi Japanese classeeeeeeeess + All my sadfaces :ccc

So yesterday at work, after I brought her her order, I spoke to this Japanese lady, Yuriko, about the books on her table because they looked interesting. Flipping through them, we had a nice convo about her book and eventually she asked me if I spoke Japanese.

Me: Only a little bit (; u ;) I want to learn Japanese though (n u n;)
Her: Oh, well, I can teach you c:
Me: (Q_Q) You would? Really?!
Her: if you teach me English, I can teach you Japanese n u n Because I live here but I don' t know many Dutch words and my English isn't all that good either.
Me: Do I have to pay you? B-because I can?
Her: Nooo no no D: Language exchange. 
Me: (* u *) That's great! Thank you!

She asked me when I worked and I told her. After that, I gave her my number, wrote my name down after she asked me what it was (also wrote it down in katakana and she told me it was impressive and I felt like a beast , ahaha), she told me her name, I told her she had a pretty name (because I love the name Yuriko) aaaand then I went back to work GIDDY. AS. FUCK.



The only thing I regret is not asking her number because now I have to rely on her calling me before I get her number yvhjbdesdtfwyhjbkeds fak ಠ _ ಠ I will just have to wait till I see her again on either Monday or next Saturday.

Today is also Demy's last day here :c all our sads. Imma miss her like crazy ;_; gygiefukcjdev y u no speak Dutch so you can stay heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere?! (Ó A Ò) She's checking into her flight online right now and noooooooo dnw dnw dnw dnw dnw dnw dnw dnw (8 A 8)

We'll be going to the movies later, at least ; o ; Gonna go see the movie In Time. I'm excited, but I don't want her to go.

I also had a blow out in my left earlobe. :l It's swollen as fuck and it hurts, but at least it's not bleeding anymore? :l We'll just have to see when it heals and I can put my 12mm/000 taper back in, because I will NOT settle with having only 1 ear stretched >:C

x. Naokin~