zondag 18 november 2012


Hey guys~ long time no see, haha!

I'm kind of in the middle of an unannounced hiatus because I haven't really been doing anything gyaruo related lately and even if I do, I cant be assed to take pictures ahahaha. Guess I'm in a slump. y u y;; College and work are sucking my dry of all my energy and having to get up at like 6:30 to go to school doesn't really motivate me to do any major effort to dress up. I just want to sleep as much as possible LOL;;;

I've got a gal meet on the 22nd of December here in Amsterdam and the meet in Düsseldorf on the 26th of January, so I hope that slump excuses itself soon! I need to kick myself back into shape so I can improve >:l I don't want to look bad anymore, goddamnit!

Also: once I come back from my hiatus, expect more styles than gyaruo popping up on here, because seeing as I like way too many styles to choose a main one, I'll just refer to myself as "WhateverthefuckIfeellikewearinggtoday-Fuckthesystem" kei :3 ...wasn't that called Aomoji-kei? I think it was...

Well, whatever it's called, I'll be revamping my blog and might be changing the name of my blog as well, but I dunno about that yet. Just feel like I should start fresh. All my other posts will stay up, though. (Ö v Ö)b