woensdag 26 december 2012

! ~*Merry Christmas*~ !


Did you all have lots of fun yesterday? Got lots of presents? Spend a lot (maybe even too much) time with friends and family? Ate so much you now have to diet furiously? I hope you did. (° v °)/

maandag 24 december 2012

Christmas Meet in Amsterdam

Holy shit, I'm... I'm UPDATING MY BLOG?
Oh my god.... maybe the apocalypse is 2 days late!

Haha, anyway, without further ado~

Yesterday I went to a gyaru meet set up by Kaoru and Rina and it was amazing. The meet actually started at 5, but a small group decided to meet up earlier to go shopping. I couldn't be there (not like I had money to go shopping or anything LOL) and therefore couldn't see Chelsey again cause she couldn't stay for dinner, but I'll see her in Düsseldorf anyway, so it's okay.

My look for the day.
 Kaoru did my hair again, but the rain and wind made it all messy .. :c

Blazer - C&A 
Shirt - Cool Cat 
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - bought at Bristol,
modified with studs from eBay.
Accessories - eBay.

 I really liked my coord for the first time in ages. I've been in a bit of a fashion slump and it was seriously affecting my coords, but I hope that's solved now.

At 5:30 PM everyone went to eat at the Japanese restaurant called Kyoto Café. Kaoru and I were late because of a lot of reasons, but we arrived at like 6, so no biggie! It was €27,80 and then you could order as much of anything on the menu. Wanted like 10 pieces of fried chicken? SURE. 15 sushi rolls? OKAY! Ermergerd I ate so much. Sushi, chicken, omelettes, icecream. I think I even had some duck!

Pictures stolen from Jojo

The food was delicious! *O* I don't think I've ever eaten sushi this good before, to be honest with you! O: I paid €33,20 because I had 2 drinks which were €2,70 each (expensive, bah), but €33,20 for the €60 worth of food I shoved into my mouth? I love you, Kyoto Café. I will definitely go eat there again.

Outside we took group pictures. Thank you, Pichi Pie for uploading them on facebook! ♥
Not even looking at the camera ;;;

And that's about it!

  • I've been rather busy with school (HATE/LOVE RELATIONSHIP WITH ANIMATING)
  • Winter break started last Friday! No school for 2 weeks! Yaaaaaaay!
  • ...I have 3 deadlines to meet, though. OTL
  • I broke up with my girlfriend in October because of various reasons, but we're still friends so all is good. :D
  • Kinda sorta very really liking someone, though >3> I bet this girl is a witch because she is just abracaDAYUM.
  • Lost my job D; Need a job soon so I can continue saving up for my trip! I don't want to be in this country AGAIN this year. Even if I have to join my mom on one of her trips, I don't care! I want to board a plane and go overseas goddamnit! > A < *goes somewhere almost every year, didn't go this year*


x. N.