dinsdag 25 september 2012

Coords × hairmake

GOOD NEWS: My ear infection healed!
BAD NEWS: I'm in bed with a ridiculous cold and a slight fever, and everything is cold and edsyfgfvkjhbdvf.

Because of that, I'm justgonna post pics and not type much cause I really cant bring myself to type a lot at the moment. (; _ ; ) *shoves tissue up nostril*

On Monday I was blonde again \o/
Distressed my jeans myself and a lot of people thought it was super cool
so I'm proud of myself bahaha /egostroke

TODAY I went back to dressing host cause I was running late and host is easy to pull off LOL
The gal classmate I told you about one or 2 entries back (or was it the most recent one... idk) told me to leave my hair unstyled and bring my wax and hairspray to school, together with a fine comb.


Look at me being hard at work and me looking down at you like "The fuck do you want? >:l" because I'm badass as hell B) Photos courtesy of Michelle u 3 u

I also bought the bag on the right. You can see it in my 'da fuq do you want' pic :D

Have me and Michelle on the bus home. Ignore my nose plz :C </3


zaterdag 15 september 2012

Life n stuff × 2 coords :3

Yo~ Naoki here! Currently in bed with a nasty ear infection

My ear is throbbing like a bitch, had a slight fever this afternoon, and the ends of my cotton swabs are green. Yes, GREEN. MOTHER FLIPPING /LIME GREEN/.   Didn't go to school because I felt like shit, but I went to work cause I care about 3.5h worth money more than I care about math class, because math sucks(and I suck at it too so lol mutual understanding), but I slept from 11-something AM till 4-something PM so I was pretty sick and wouldn't be able to go to school anyway LOL. Shouldn't have gone to work. It was terrible ; - ; My hearing in my infected ear has gone down by 50% so I cant hear shit if you're on my left and listening to customers was a drag.

woensdag 12 september 2012

GAL VIP × First release!

I am sure that a lot of you have already seen it, but for those of you who haven't:


Yesterday the first issue of GAL VIP has been released and I'm super happy all our hard work paid off! The models, the columnists, the designers and ofcourse the editors put a lot of work and effort into this magazine, but due to last minute disasters, some pages had to be cut out in order for us to make the deadline and, unfortunately, my article was on one of those pages. But I will appear in the next issue, so stay tuned >:3 !!

Download instructions:

Password: galvip109 (no caps, don't forget to click the "submit" button or nothing will happen :') ) 

I hope all of you will at least take a look and even if you just flipped through the magazine without reading it, please let us know what you think + feedback by emailing us at gal_vip@live.com 


zondag 2 september 2012

International Dansou Unit 「BOKUTACHI」

Yo~ it's me again! (Who else? ._.)

This time I'm here to tell you that I'm in a dansou unit now! Well, I have been for a while, but we got a new member today, so I'm super excited!

International Dansou Unit 'BOKUTACHI' is a group of dansou josei/chuusei from around the world to meet, talk, and share their style and style journey! × If you are a dansou wearer, you are welcome to join! You can be a crossplayer, visual-kei, gyaru-o, or natural dansou (or all of them!)

BOKUTACHI is like what BlackDiamond is, but for dansou. We've only got 3 members (for now), but the tumblog and fb page have been getting more and more attention, so I expect us to get more as time goes by!

Our latest member, Makoto, made us a crest/logo and it's so bamf D: Look at it!

I cleaned it up and used 'stroke' in PS to give it a nice border because else all the pretty decorations weren't visible on Makoto's blog, cause it's black ; u ; I wish I could've make it smoother, but my photoshop has seriously been dicking out on me and it wouldn't properly let me edit :c I did the best I could (u n u);
What it looks like on a dark BG
Now wishing the bg of my blog was black or a dark gray because LOOK AT HOW BAMF THAT LOOKS, GUYS?! D:

If you're interested in dansou, please visit our tumblr page and our facebook page ♥