donderdag 24 april 2014

Recent events x Gets

Hello! Your favourite gyaru(-o) chuusei here!

I'm sure we've all heard about the sudden disappearance of gal magazines and the rise of the fashion movement called "neo gal" (not that it's worthy the name 'gal', because there's nothing gyaru about it). I, personally, am another gyaru(-o) that's annoyed and frustrated about there being no magazines anymore to read and Shibuya not being Shibuya, BUT I think this is a moment for us to show that even though we get no media exposure, we won't stop doing and looking like what we like! 

Sujimori your hair to the heavens, wear your flashy outfits whenever you can, flaunt your brand, and bat your lashes so hard they'll blow the currently "gal slump" off the face off the earth! YEAH! WE'LL SHOW YOU! ヽ(#゚Д゚)ノ┌┛


Due to recent personal events, I will most likely be moving back to Amsterdam until the August/September. I am horribly bummed about this, but it's for the better o(;△;)o


I bought new lenses! I'd usually get them sponsored, but I really needed new ones asap because the violet ones I got irritate my eyes a lot and I don't want to risk damaging anything. (´;ω;`)  My vision is horrible enough! was having a buy 2, get one extra free campaign, so I got on that immediately. I wouldn't have if I didn't need two pair of lenses; one for work, one for everything else. ( o(-`д´- 。) My boss told me not to wear my sea green ones because a customer complained about them... what the actual fuck??? They were old anyway so it wasn't all that bad, I guess.) I'd first buy somewhere else, but the price I'd pay for two over there, would be only $3 less than I'd pay for three at uniqso. 

Dolly Eye Fairy Green

Dolly Eye Pop.c Light Brown. 

Puffy 3 Tones Grey

In total it was $43.10 incl. shipping, but new members get a code that takes 15% off, so that became $38.33. I didn't know I had money in my paypal, but apparently I had almost €16 in there LOL And the best part is: due to USD -> EUR conversion, the amount that got subtracted from my bank account means that I actually paid just €7 for 3 pair of lenses  ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

I'm off to see my housing agency now (this is gonna be such a pain) to straighten some things out! Adios!

x. N

maandag 14 april 2014

A week in gal ☆

★☆ Hey y'all! ★☆

I really need to get back into the habit of blogging, but the fact that I don't go anywhere that's not work or the store, it's kinda hard to write stuff. Unless you wanna hear about the anime I've been watching and video games I've been playing °+(*´∀`)°+° I've been checking out spring's anime, watching Hannibal and Game of Thrones, as well as playing a lot of Dragon Age: Origins.

In case the die-hard anime fans reading this are curious:

Black Bullet
Isshuukan Friends
Kamigami no Asobi | I usually don't like otome games or their anime adaptions, but the girl isn't as dumb as a cardboard box and have you SEEN this hottie?!
Monogatari Series Season Season ~Hanamonogatari~ |  I've watched every single thing there is to see for this series and I will continue to do so.

Gokukoku no Brynhildir
Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to

selector infected WIXOSS
Bokura wa minna kawai-sou
Blade and Soul | I heard it's really good O:
Broken Blade
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Mahou Shoujo Taisen
Soul Eater Not!
No Game, No Life
Mekaku City Actors | This looks and sounds good!
M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~

I went back to Amsterdam for a week on the 31st for my birthday on the 3rd, though, so I've got outfits and make up to show you this time!

Let's start with a day or two before I left! This one day Ashley and Miyu posted a bunch of old skool videos in one of the gyaru groups on facebook and oh my god, so perfect ;__; I want there to be a bunch of gyaru-sa everywhere and gal events and just the feeling of unity like before. I wasn't even into gal back then, but I love it! It motivated me to practice gal make again.

You'd think I'd go somewhere, but I had 0.00 plans that day.

zaterdag 5 april 2014

10 days of Tea and Swans

That title is really horrible, but I wanted something stereotypically English, so I did! ...but fuck, that is horrible.

Q: Why did I want that?
A: Well, because about a month ago, from the 28th of February till the 9th of March, I went to England!
Q: Why did you go to England, Naoki?
A: Because I went to visit my fellow dansou, fellow member BOKUTACHI, and Bromo-/Homodachi, Hanzel! (click for his blog!) 

Since we all know how lazy I am with typing, I will just spam you with pictures and give descriptions! ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆行くよー!

It was my first time traveling by plane by myself, so it was kinda scary tbh. Not the flight itself, but everything that went down beforehand. @ - @ I'm prone to fucking these things up, so I was really REALLY nervous.

Obligatory I'M ON A PLANE photo + England has fancy (and pretty huge!) cabs!

 Sheffield station looks really nice and modern~

We studied together (he did Korean and did Japanese)

"Studied" some more. Playing DRAMAtical Murder (BL game) is studying, leave us alone

Look at how happy this dude was that I was coming round  (ノ´ー`)ノ Hearts n shit as well as marking the entire week I was over with a highlighter. ♥ Nigga, you gay as heeeeeell ♥

Look at the delicious food we got, tho. 

I got my ears pierced again! The 2 tiny ones were the ones I got done!
LMAO my earshell is so red :'D

I sat in with Hanzel's lectures [Mean Girls voice] I didn't even go there! Also: hairset in the making!

 The day we went to London (today that was exactly a month ago), we met up with the lovely Chewiee/Yamii/Bitch-which-names-do-you-go-by?!

A+ dinner at a Japanese restaurant (I couldn't finish it and I was so sad OTL my tori karaage curry udoooooon)

We played pool at the arcade. Well.. they played and I was fucking horrible at it HAHA;;;

DDR HOLLA. We kicked ass at this shit, maineeee

Collage of stuff!

And that concludes my post about my trip England! I can't wait till he comes down to The Netherlands in June. 
The first western dansou meet up will be happening when he does, so look forward to that!

x. N