woensdag 30 november 2011

Giveaway time~!

 Click the picture for the rules of the giveaway!

 D: I want those lenses and a cute lense case, damnit!
While you DON'T enter in this contest so I've got more chance to win:
Check out the rest of Woxje's blog. She's a wonderful and beautiful Dutch gyaru.
You better follow her and the rest of HYPER gyaru-sa!
*wants to improve quickly so can try to join them*;;;;

x. Naokin

vrijdag 25 november 2011

Mini haul~! [picture heavy]

Today I went shopping with my friends after school. I had 70 bucks, so I bought myself some stuff. We had a lot of fun and laughed so hard we cried. Good times <3

Forever unphotogenic ;___;

First off: I bought some new shoes. It was NEEDED. I was actually gonna get another pair of shoes, but that didn't work out so well, so I was le sadface and u n u But these shoes are really nice, too, so all is good! :D

I also bought a necklace. I saw many (gaijin) gyaru-o with crosses and stuff around their necks and I wanted that too, cause it looks pretty cool imo, so I bought one.  It's got 2 crosses (one more like a rosario) and a skull. And and and my fox taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiil <33 Those things are so cool <33

 AND AND I ALSO GOT THE GAME I'VE BEEN WANTING FOR 2 YEARS/EVER SINCE I PLAYED THE DEMO AT THIS GAME EVENT CALLED  'FIRST LOOK'. AAAAAAA SO EXCITE. *jams disc into ps3 and shoots androids for the rest of the night* <3333 Fucking love this game, man. Anyone who owns a ps3, add me on PSN. It's Lexirer.


 This was my outfit for the day. Went for a school boy type of look.

I like chains on my jeans, okay? >3>
My outfit from a few days ago. I thiiiink... wednesday.

OH YEAH. I installed this cute app on my phone 2 days ago. It's called DECOPIC and it's purikura, but on your phone. It's available for Android and Apple, so go download that shit right now! :UU
I messed around with it by taking pictures of my friends and 'kawaii desu'd them up with my friend Patrick, bahaha!

Raishel (with Lowie in the BG)



Now I'm off to balance my attention between MSN and Vanquish

x. Nao

woensdag 23 november 2011

So then I got that bitch into gyaru, bitches love gyaru

This is my girlfriend, Amber. I have been spamming her with gyaru on msn, facebook and tumblr for AGES and welp.

Crimson Casanova (@home) zegt (2:31):
*(Thanks to you, I've been getting into gyaru :U
*(I have shimmer all over my face >:UU

Whooopsie? >U> I took screenshots like a creeper and stole her pictures because I can.

Opinions on her... I think 3rd attempt at gyaru make? :3
I thought she was cute (and told her way too many times >3>)
what about you? c:

dinsdag 22 november 2011

Blytheye Brown/EOS New Adult Brown - circle lense review!

[ 30-03-2012: I'll take better picturess of them soon because ferbkufnerjkf my faaaaaace ಠ A ಠ ]
So in a previous entry I said that I bought some circle lenses from The Dolly Eye and they arrived today! They're called Blytheye Brown.

I placed an order on the 7th of November and they arrived on the 22th November. Last time it took them about a month to arrive, so 2 weeks is PRETTY fast. I didn´t expect them to arrive until December, so I was and still am quite surprised o: They cost me 15 USD (€11,24 that day, dunno the convertion value right now) and the communication as well as the shipping are great. I'd definitely recommend them!

Now, I got them on prescription because I am as blind as a bat. I forgot how blind I was until I took my health lenses out and had to be about 15cm away from my screen to see whatever was going on on it. @ u @ Left is -5.50 and right -4.75.

ANYWAY, they're more yellow than brown, but I am a-okay with that because I'm into odd eye colours bahaha. The colours look lovely in their vials and once they’re on dark eyes they just lose a bit their vibrancy, so they don't turn really dark. /like

You can see they're fake when you directly look into your eyes, but they look a bit natural in dim lit/dark places, the black ring aside. They also enlarge really  well. They also look really good if you have light brown/blonde hair.

They're kinda giving me a headache, but that's because the prescription is off in my left eye (5.50 instead of 5.25), but that goes over pretty soon

×Shipping+Packaging: 10/10
They shipped VERY fast and they arrived within 2 weeks.
The lenses were very well protected as they were wrapped
and taped twice before put into an envelope with bubble wrap interior so <3

× Enlargement: 10/10
My eyes got so much bigger. (Maybe I've just got tiny eyes? haha)

× Comfort: 8/10
mini headache in the beginning

× Value for money: 10/10
11 bucks and free shipping. Hell yes.

zondag 20 november 2011

Stupid shit + actually going outside with my family o-o

^ this

17 out of 52 (51 after deletion of 8) secrets on today's gyaru_secrets are about Ashley and Shiena. :l People should REALLY find something else to talk about, because it's getting repetitive, boring, and annoying and it's just like the first secret said: DE-JA VU. Every week it's the same bullshit about Ashley being a liar or a hostess and "OMG YOU SUCK" "YOU'RE SO KAWAII" "YOU'RE A LYING BITCH" "QUIT GYARU FOREVER" "UGLY WHORE!!!11ONE!" "FATTY-CHAN" yadda yadda yadda.

About Ashley and Shiena's little adventure in Japan:  BIG DIO, WE KNOW. THEIR LI(V)ES, NOT OURS. GIVE IT A REST AND MOVE. THE FUCK. ON.

Is it just so hard to find something else to talk about or are you all just so jealous as fuck that she speaks a bit of Japanese, lives in Japan and hangs with gyaru/gyaru-o/hosts? :l

Well? Please tell me.

THAT ASIDE: I'm going ice skating today :D I'm actually not even all that excited because I'd rather stay home and draw, but I guess I should actually spend time with my family OUTSIDE of the house for once. Do not want outside bahaha /hermit.

I'll try to make a decent coord and will post pics later on. I also have to study geography and finish my TinierMe commissions >A> Jesus, Madeline's been waiting for those for a few weeks now. Motivation ga naaaaai. Zettai ni nai. @ u @;;;;;;

x. Nanao~

vrijdag 18 november 2011

Boring life is boring.

Hi guys.

Life has been particularly boring lately. Work, school, getting scolded at work, more school. Because of me spending loads of money on my girlfriend's christmas present and other stuff, I am now completely broke.
Let me show you:

Phone bill_____55,55
present _______8,98
mcds_________ 1,70
circle lenses __11,24
g coins_______7,48
Public trans.__20
TOTAL            194,87
Paycheck     201,62
LEFT               6,75     
As you can see, at the moment, my life is made out of 'broke', uguu and poor ;___;

Can't wait till december. My girlfriend is coming over all the way from the US of A for me for 3 weeks (19th till the 9th) and I'm hyped as fuck. So excite, so excite! Only 31 more days till she's here. I'll go shopping with her and get my gyaru-o on. I hope she'll like The Netherlands, esp. since it's way different from America.

Oh, I also bought some circle lenses from The Dolly Eye. They sell really cheap circle lenses (15 dollars! That's 11,24 if you convert it to Euros!) They're called Blytheye Brown and I can't wait till they arrive C: I also got my Puffy 3tones Grey from them and I must say that they're amazing. In comfort, enlargement and DEFINITELY the price <33 I love them to bits. People have told me that they look kinda blue, but that's usually what grey eyes look like. Grey, yet blue.

Look at them in my face on this picture from July.
I will forever look tired because of my 'natural eye make-up' OTL

I'm also in want of buying GEO Nudy Blue and GEO Nudy Green from Geo Contact Lens. They're doing a 'Buy 1, get one free' campaign and ohoho, I definitely want to benefit from this! I hope mom will give me back my 80 bucks before the 30th, because that's when it ends and >A> I want nudy lenses, damnit!

Now I'm off to watch Lord of the Rings while eating dinner.

x. Nao.

vrijdag 11 november 2011

g_s picture story

When people on g_s  talk shit about me I'm like:

When they say I'm fat, ugly and steal pictures, I'm like:

 But then they start getting desperate and say my pictures
are shooped, I can't help but think:

And when I go over the entire thread all I can say is

x. Nao.

maandag 7 november 2011

:U I'm obviously fat, man. just LOOK. AT. MY. CHUB. bahaha

Look at my manly lack of curvature. My body refuses to look
feminine and I'm  completely fine with that.

Coord for the day: NOTHING SPECIAL.
It's cold as fuck, so I'm not playing Mr. fancy coord today.
Nope. Nuh uh.  No sir.

wwwwwww ( > U <)

Hay hay~

My day wasn't very exciting. Yesterday my best friend Chloe slept over and we had the most of fun. I brought nuggets from work cause she requested them and we ate the ALL the nuggets whilst playing Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Saints Row, Super Rub-a-Dub, Yakuza 4 (fucking LOVE that game)and Funky Lab Rat on my ps3. Good times n u n
This morning she had to leave real early because one of her friends was in the hospital and she lives about an hour away from my place. u n u Aside from that, we had a swell time. I hadn't seen her in FOREVER so it was nice to hangout with her again n u n After my chloeless breakfast, I went back to bed because I was tired and am obviously part cat. Bahaha!

In the afternoon, my mom was an amazing piece of shit for not telling me we were having visitors UNTIL THEY FUCKING RANG THE DOORBELL. Mind you, I was in a loose tank top and boxers :l Not very charming. SO, I rushed to get myself dressed fast as fuck and do my hair, because people enjoy barging into my room.

Waiting for gyaru_secrets today was muuuuuurdeeeeeeer. Usually it's up in the morning, but omg it wasn't up till like 10pm (GMT +1) tonight! It was death :l But it was DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT. So much lulz. I even showed up in there! Number 33, I think. According to some lovely, lovely anon, I 'stole' a picture of their 'friend' and posted it on kogal_panel, because I am fat and have no style?

 Because I absolutely never said 
anything about getting a new phone
Anon-chan/-kun, tell  your friend that they should stop taking my pictures and saying that they're their pictures because that they're fat and have no style is no reason TO STEAL. Also, people* and you* and COMMAS*****.
My dear friends River and Wai-yi also got posted. Wai-yi's was a nice one, but River's was kinda cunty. :U Even though no one really know who was white knighting her >o> Go check out their blogs. River's gyaru and Wai-yi's a loli. So cute <3

Oh well, I guess some people just need someone to troll in order to feel good about themselves or something. I'm off to rp with Izzy and my girlfriend. Will post a full body shot in order to get this shit sorted out tomorrow.
Oh, it's 1am... later today, lololol! Bye now~

vrijdag 4 november 2011

Welp.. I shouldn't touch my hair

I, with my superior intelligence, decided to try and cut layers into my hair myself. I looked up tutorials and everything went amazing...ly wrong. I think it would be better if you don't ask about the results. :l One side of my hair looks very awkward..

See those odd locks on the left..

That aside, my hair lighted up pretty well. It's still not blonde (RAAAAGE), but it's good enough. I wanted to do some gyaru-o hair tonight, but due to my and my superior intelligence thinking that cutting my own hair with no hair doing skills would be a good idea, that looked like shit so ahaaa none of that. o_o;;;

Also, some people on Ebay are cunts. Gigantic, smelly, diseased cunts >:C

donderdag 3 november 2011

Finally bleaching my hair again.

I just bought some Syoss lightener and am about to bleach my hair again. I've been stuck with this odd orangy-brown colour for the past.. 4/5 weeks(?) and I'm hyped to actually get my bangs BLONDE now.

:l stupid colour is stupid

Kinda anxious because I heard people say that syoss products weren't all that amazing, but all the other lighteners were like 15 bucks and ahaha no :l Not cheap or anything, but I'm not spending 15 bucks on some product I can get €10 cheaper kthnx (û n û)

I also bought some hairspray because I've been out for about a week or so.

Off to bleach my hair now. Yaaay~

short entry is short lolol

x. Nao