zondag 26 februari 2012

Inspost: Ora ora, CoLu, Models, and others! [PICTURE HEAVY as fuck]

Ever since this style has been mentioned to me back in January, I've completely fallen in love with it. The hoodies, the mesh caps, the tracksuits, SO MUCH BLACK <3 *O* I can't deal with how awesome those girls look omg can't get over iiiit.
Especially the brands Natural Nine and Slangy have been setting my world on FIRE. (* v *) As I LOVE wearing black more than anything, I was wondering if there wasn't a substyle that involved a fuckload of black and isn't Rokku. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH ROKKU, but I was just wondering if there was more c: Purple unicorn riding a penguin, I am STOKED to try this style.

zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Finger armor, oh yes

Just wanted to show off my baby. <3 I got her on friday and we are so in love~

donderdag 16 februari 2012

Luxury (Babe) 08 - circle lense review!

I ordered these from Tofupanda_eyeZ. It took about 3 weeks for it to arrive and it cost me €13,50 (I bought purple and pink for 27, so 13,50 each c: ).
I was all excited when I saw the package in my mailbox this afternoon. They were wrapped in an envelope, then in another envelope and after that in three, small bubble wrap sachets, so they were pretty well protected. ♥

 They're a very nice shade of pink in the case and their vials. Lovely, really.

But that's the problem. They're only this lovely colour when in the vials or case :c With flash they look lavender and from a distance, they look gray or a light lavender. Rather disappointing, because they're such lovely lenses :c I mean, I love the fact that they look grey, but I bought pink lenses, not grey ones. (ú - ù)

That aside, they're really comfortable and there are no problems while wearing them. They're really thin, though. My health lenses and other circle lenses are thicker than this, so after taking them out of their cases, I was caught off guard. It seems so fragile ; o ;

 Dim/lamp light || Flash

× Shipping+Packaging: 10/10
They shipped it very fast and I could track my order within a few days after the order was placed. The lenses were very well protected as they were in multiple bubble wrap sachets before put into an envelope which was put into another envelope.

× Design: 5/10
I am in LOVE with this design, but the colour is very disappointing.

× Enlargement: 8/10

× Comfort: 10/10
No problems at all~

× Overall rating: 8.25/10
I love these lenses very much, just the colour... :c

dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Hoppu-suteppu de odorou ka sekai ♪

Man, I love 'World End Dancehall'

LAST FRIDAY, I went shopping with my friend Ayrton.  :'D So much fun <3

We first picked up his Final Fantasy XIII-2 pre-order and after that we went to eat a bento at this Japanese restaurant next door which was conveniently named '+Bento'. It was run by actual Japanese people and I felt like a gigantic weeaboo because I was giddy the entire fucking time. :| There were manga in the bookshelves and Gundams and other figurines and all my otaku feelings just exploded. ALL THE FEELS.
There I found out that I wasn't one for Japanese food :c The rice was dry and not tasty, LOLSEAWEED, and there were sesame seeds everywhere. I hate sesame seeds :c The chicken was good, though. I forgot what kind of bento I got... fuck :|

AFTERWARDS: SHOPPING. Since one of my best friends sorta-kinda stood me up, I won't be going to YaYcon anymore. :c I was really excited to finally show off my self-sewn Rhyme cosplay, but since that won't be happening until AbunaiCon in August/September, I had about 70 bucks more to spend this month because I didn't have to save it up.
Dragged Ayrton in and out of stores and bought a few things.

Left: V&D, €7 | Right: Newyorker. €4,95

Left: V&D €12 | Right: V&D €9

The earcuff Demy bought me also arrived that day.

Love it

Valentine's coord. At school we had to wear red, pink, or purple for Valentine's. All my red clothes are dirty and I didn't want to wear my red Ichigo Kurosaki tshirt, so I slapped on my red tie and wore my sneakers with red shoelaces. Classy with red accents. Fuck yeah.

 Next month I'm going to buy myself a binder because you can't do boystyles with an almost-c-cup on your chest. fak.
lol 2 stamps on one picture. Didn't even notice that :'D

Changed the picture on top of my blog again :') I'm so good at being consistent. Shit guise.

x.  Naokin

PS: I've got a little affiliates section up in my sidebar. :3 If you wanna link exchange, PM me on facebook or tumblr and we'll work things out. n u n
 Happy Valentine's day everyone~!

donderdag 9 februari 2012

Sure is cold in 'ere ( ・_・)

On Friday it started snowing while I was in Geography class. :| Snow in February, what in all the fucks?

[More snow, coord, and hair pics below the cut ]

woensdag 1 februari 2012

Future gets (〃∇〃)ノ由☆

Hi hi~ 2 posts in 1 week? What is this blasphemy?! I know, I know. I shouldn't, but I just really wanted to post all the awesome accessories that I'll buy and/or get from Demy this month.

First off! I'm buying me and her new circle lenses! They're called Luxury 08 and I'll be buying them off  Tofupanda_eyeZ on facebook.  Green for me and purple for her.

Secondly, I'll be buying accessories. 
I'll buy myself a chain that goes from my ear to my lip because I LOVE those things. They're just.. just... NNNGGHH. I'll replace the ring that goes on my lip with a stud, because it's a spring cuff, which is not a cuff for people who already got their lip pierced ;;;

Demy will be buying me this ear cuff , because I've been wanting one for god knows how long and it's only 4 dollars. I'll buy her lenses for valentines and she'll get me the ear cuff 

As you know, I stretched my lobes to 12mm (000g) each, and therefore can't put those pin-thingies in them. SO I'll just take those off and replace them with rings. I've got way too much spare liprings anyway :'D

I´ll probably buy myself these on the right. Because I love them both  ブハハハハ (≧∇≦)!

I'll also order a new tablet pen for myself, because I can't deal with the fact that I can't draw digitally >:U

ON ANOTHER NOTE: It's ridiculously cold here. Temperatures below 0 (32°F)all week and Thursday it's gonna be -8 (18°F).

 I DONT WANT THIS. I'M TERRIBLE WITH COLD WEATHER. Mind you, nothing on my body gets cold aside from my hands and, if the wind blows, my neck. It was so cold, I had to wear a scarf! AND I NEVER WEAR SCARVES. :l My hands felt as if they were on fire every time the wind blew against them. (;______;) I'll buy myself some gloves soon, because I will not stand for this shit. Fucking cocks. I hate winter atm  。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。

 Pokemon toys at work YAY. 
Can't wait till we get Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig.

I wanna do a coord like these 2 pics.
That finger thinger is gorgeous btw ♥
I need shorts and epic dress shirts more clothes. ηακετα..._〆(;ωq`)

x. Naokin