donderdag 29 maart 2012

I bought more stuff (゜∇ ゜)

That's right. I went shopping with my friend Ayrton on today because I'm turning 18 this tuesday, I wanted new shoes AND there was a huge sale at Bristol. I only had 50 to spend (cause that's what mom let me spend off her bank pass), so the sale was love. The boots I bought originally were €40. But with 75% off, I only had to pay €10! *u* I love sales ♥ In total I spent like €52, but it's just 2 euro so all is good :3

Boots: Bristol --------------- €10,-
Shirt: Bristol --------------- €13,99

H&M --------------- €16,99
 I'll be wearing this one  pulled up because this looks like a dress on me
even though it's an S ._. AND I'M NOT SHORT! I'M 5'6!/170cm! >:U

When I get paid next week, I'll be buying myself a pair of sneakers. Because I need(read: want) new sneakers. I'm planning on getting Nike first generation dunks.
Not those ugly ones of course :l, but I've always loved their Dunk series and I'd love to own a pair. They're on sale anyway so haaaaaay why not? Yea, I'm a cheap fuck. Now what? >:U I love my money gtfo.

Demy will be buying me these for my birthday 8D She asked me what I wanted and after a million "I DONT KNOW."s, she sent me to ebay to go look at stuff with a 15dollar limit cause she's short on money atm. Goggles, crosses, and crowns ♥♥♥

She also bought me this hat during her trip to Chicago.
;____; Isn't she just the best ever ♥ 

Also will be buying this to stud up my boots. +/- 100 studs for €3.70 :3
Anyone got any ideas on how I could deco them? (n u n)

Now I'm out. History books are calling me to tell me about the Vietnam war  
ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛

×. Naokin

maandag 19 maart 2012

TutuHa *_*

The people who have me on facebook already know about this, but yesterday I've fallen in love with the brand TutuHa. Oh my god, it's like gyaru and v-kei had a baby and I just wrefnklrviedbrnkfliewbufvrwbknf FUCK. :l I hope you understand that I am going to spam you with pictures now. Don't worry, don't worry, I did a little TutuHa coord today and I put that at the bottom of my post. (o 3 o)b


vrijdag 16 maart 2012

OOTD 16/03/12 + CoLu jeans!

I thought I looked pretty good today :D I want new shoes, though.. I want black ones, so I can stud them myself >:3 ohoho beastly. ANYWAY Picture time

 I restyled my wig this weekend, too! Dunno what's going on with those strands of hair  on top of my head, though..da fuq, brah?

 Wearing my Puffy 3 tones Gray
They will forever look more blue than gray ;_;

All in all, I think I'm improving, don'tcha think? (n u n)

I also received my CocoLulu jeans last monday! There's not much going on on it, but hey. I got authentic CoLu jeans for 35 bucks. CAN'T COMPLAIN!

 They're longer but the rest of it is danging off my bed bahaha

Can't wait till I get to do a proper Amekaji coord. Amekaji is so fun ♥

x. Naoki

woensdag 7 maart 2012

Relaxed my 'do. Cool story bro, needs more layers and shit.

So I relaxed my hair on Thursday and I love it~!

My hair is WAY longer than I expected it to be D: I really shouldn't touch it constantly, but I can't help it ;;It just lacks layers, though ._. I cut bangs into it myself, but the rest is all the same length and it's kinda guuuuuuhhh, but I've got my wig to practice sujimori on, so it's okay c: Also gonna bleach my hair again next month or so B) Yeeeeaaahh buddy.

Went to my friend's birthday party on Friday and her little sister made these cupcakes. It was more 'do you want some cupcake with your sugar' than cupcakes >A>;;;

Did some hairstyling with my layerless hair. I liked it :3 Went to work that way, coworkers were all "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR?! O A O" "Hairspray" "You're so crazy lololololol" :')

 Ignore my ugly mug plx ♥

 Can I finally do everything with my hair, do I not know what to do with. fak.

Mom bought some MAC foundation. And I stole it. O: Compare my eyes to the picture above this one and LOOK AT THE LACK OF DARK CIRCLES...ON THE RIGHT SIDE! (forgot to put in contacts before I put that shit on so the fluids kinda washed away the foundation underneath my left eye ;;;) My skin was like... even *_*  If only this shit wasn't 28 bucks /cries.

KONY 2012!

zondag 4 maart 2012

donderdag 1 maart 2012

FFFFFFF Yua tagged me D; Well, here goes~

First, DA RULEZ.
  1. Post 11 random facts about yourself 
  2. Answer the 11 questions the tagger asked
  3. Tag 11 other bloggers and create (11) questions for them to answer
  4. Inform those that you have tagged them

    1. I'm a terrible procrastinator. :l If I have a month to do something, I'll most likely end up rushing the last week ;;;

    2. You should probably know this by now, but I'm a raging bisexual, but might as well be a lesbian because BEJEEBUS CHRIIIIST. DEM GIRLS, BRO. DEM GIRLS. okI'm sorry

    3. I've got rather low self-esteem when it comes to my art. I hate everything I draw and I really think I suck, regardless of what my friends and girlfriend tell me. I just feel like I'm not, and will probably never be, good enough. This issue often materializes into a massive artblock :|

    4. I've got a huge inferiority complex. If I introduced someone to something, I have to always better than them and if they get better at it than me, I get angry.

    5. I'm possessive and jealous about friends and will easily feel left out due to me not really having had any friends up to age 12 ;; (Oh god, I sound rather pathetic, don't I?)

    6. My body type is colon/rectangular. I have no hips or whatsoever. Straight up and down my manbody, yo. Only things I've got are boobs and ass (ass. titties. ass and titties. ass ass titties titties ass and titties ♪).

    7. I LOVE videogames. I've just become very lazy with them ;____; I have to finish AC II, then start on Brotherhood, after that Revelations and THEN I have to play AC III and oh god.


    After a long, long while of not being at ease because I felt like I had been trying to be someone I wasn't, I decided that I'll be doing both Gyaru-o AND visual-kei! I've been loving this style for far too long to let it go and this had been my original plan when I started this, but I lost track of my original view on this, but now I know which way I'm going and it's



    Oh, also, tomorrow I'm getting my hair relaxed and I'm nervous as fuck because I've had weave for pretty much +2 years and I'm kinda... frightened? Haha I dunno how to explain this feeling. Goddamn you, lack of understanding of FEELS.

    My tracks look epic funny
    I love that shit and the colour so much ; o ;
    Deffo gonna bleach my hair again in a few weeks. No dooouubt!

    My T key is busted. Just like my S and H keys. :'D
    Someone, just buy me a new laptop..

    Lastly, I want to show you this awesome, all-female Jrock band:

    I want to have violent sex with the lead singer and black haired guitarist :|

    x. Naokin