dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Instagram + new buys from Zaandam!

Hi hi hi~  your friendly neighbourhood otaku here~

Today I decided to actually use my fuggin instagram because I take a lot of useless pics that I don't want to spam facebook with, but have no idea how to post them on my blog :l SO I got the instagram widget and you are now able to follow all the ins and outs about my boring ass life in my sidebar on the right! ISN'T THAT JUST SO EXCITNG?! >:U SAY IT'S EXCITING, YOU PIECE OF S- :3 ♥

donderdag 23 augustus 2012

Gyaru Beach Meeting! [Picture HEAVY]

I went to the Dutch Gyaru Beach meeting yesterday. I had a lot of fun and met a fellow gyaru-o. I'm glad I went and I'm not going to talk a lot in this entry because I'm STILL tired as fuck and cba to talk LOL. My nose got sunburnt, though...

The people who attended were: Chelsey, Fania, Jojo, Amber, Estherbel,  Elise, Wesley, Nadine, Charissa, Kari, Tuyen, Tuyen's friend, Terry, Cookie Cat, and me myself.
We all met up at the central station of Den Haag (The Hague) and from there we went to the beach, the arcade, and a Chinese restaurant.

GalVIP + Dansou

(pretty much completely copying this off Akkun's blog cause it matches my thoughts perfectly)

I am now only writing for GAL VIP as the hair columnist. I resigned as a model because I don't feel like I'm ready to represent gyaru-o style yet.I personally think that I can pull off wig styling pretty well, or at least, people have told me I can. Both me and Akkun are going to do the hair column together! Speaking of projects...
Dansou Community

(click to enlarge)

Another reason I felt that writing for GAL VIP would be best for now is because I really do love various fashion styles. Gyaru-o is my #1 favorite, but in all honesty, I just like dressing like a boy. So with that said, Akkun and I taking the time to finally try and expand the dansou community to Western/English speaking platforms.

She started off with the dansou tumblr, of course. People are showing interest and that really makes me glad. Before that, she had created a Secret Group on FB dedicated to it and we were getting it set up. After enough messages came in to her inbox on tumblr, she decided to go ahead and open the group. It's still pretty small right now, but the few people in it do seem truly interested & that makes me glad.

Also, the dansou unit BOKUTACHI has been created with an aim to gather dansou from all over together to spread awareness of the style and just make friends!

Some long term goals include affiliating with other Japanese dansou units like Login. and Zone_a(lpha)! But we want to get a few more members first (hint hint nudge nudge)

Have me being a camwhore.

New games and new stockings!
Imma return HyperNeptunia, though. I expected way too much. :/ The game is kinda really shitty.
The stockings are NOT like the ones on the picture on ebay, but I already sent the seller an angry message about that. :l I paid for some realistic bones, I get this shit. >:U

Next post: gyaru beach meet!

dinsdag 14 augustus 2012

Omg, a valentine?!

Thank you so much, whoever posted this ♥

You really brightened my mood since I was feeling ridiculously down before I saw this last night.

This really motivates me, you have NO idea. Bahahaha ♥

Okay, time to hurry up and get ready! Got work in 30 minutes!

Thank you once again! 


vrijdag 10 augustus 2012


My mom got a new phone because you know how after one or two years (depending on the duration of your contract) you can pick a new phone? Yer, my mom finally got a quality smartphone. Namely, the Samsung Galaxy III. :'D I'm already annoyed with it and I'd get this phone solely for the second camera and the bigger screen :l

Anyway, mom is going to a disco party thinger this weekend so she had one of her friends over to borrow an afro wig, which resulted in them trying on all of mine :') I wore my new blonde one and decided to do the hairmake I promised my friends like last week. (@ 3 @);;

 My Yukihide Sawamoto impersonation. :'D
Cause you know, he's blonde and usually frowning XD

Put on my long, black wig for kics afterwards. (Ö v Ö)
I like this wig so much aaaa 

Like the hairmake I did? :3


woensdag 8 augustus 2012

The GazettE: Division samples! ♥

As you may or may not know, I am a HUGE The GazettE fan and am proud to call myself a Sixth Gun. Sacha just posted an entry with a link to the samples of their new album 「DIVISION」that comes out on the 29th and I couldn't stop myself from promoting this album as well!

I'm really excited and I'm really glad the samples sound good, because they turned to an electronic sound instead of their usual sound and I wasn't sure if this would do them justice, but after hearing these samples... oh yes. ♥


Pride week! [PICTURE HEAVY!]

I revamped the layout of my blog this morning! :D Like it?

Last Sunday I went to the Pride Week closure performances with my two friends Denise and Lisanne. I first thought about going all dansou'd up, but then I was all "MEH FUCK IT. IMMA SLAP ON MY SHORTS AND SHOW OFF MY LEGS. HA." and attempted some Rokku because the three wigs I ordered arrived and I could wear the long one xD This was so much fun!

Wore a black cardigan at the last minute cause the shorts are kinda very really revealing(crotch wise) and you could almost see ~everything~ if you walked behind me as I went up a flight of stairs and NOPE NOPE. I took the socks off half-way through cause I got tired of having to pull them up all the time :l