donderdag 29 december 2011

The last few days~

Changed the look of my blog yet again. I think I might actually be content with it right now, because I was kinda iffy before. THAT ASIDE:
 Yesterday Demy and I went out and since she wanted to wear her loli dress, I figured I'd join her. I love goth loli/kodona even though I don't really have the clothes for it, but I was content.

Gauged my right ear to 12mm. This is the biggest I'll go.
Also got my cartilage pierced with Demy yesterday. Touching it doesn't even hurt ._.;;

Fuck getting professional hair make, my hair does 'mori' by itself, ahaha!
Excuse the terrible mirror frame, my mother has no taste :l

Yakuza 4 has bulky ladyboys and in Saints Row: The Third, Demy and I made our character Kawaii desu. LOOK AT HIS HUGE, PURPLE EYES AND SAY YOU'RE NOT CHARMED BY HIS OVERWHELMING CUTENESS ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

~Leftover pics~

Have some music by the best Jrock band of all times <3

zondag 25 december 2011

Merry Christmas! ヾ(^∇^)

Merry Christmas!!
I hope all of you are enjoying Christmas. I know I sure am! It's been a while since I posted on here ;;; Truth is, Demy got here last Monday and we've been doing nothing but PARTYING HAAAAAAAAAAARD lol joking, We don't party cause we're a boring bunch, but we DID do fun stuff. Like shopping and partying hard playing ps3 and taking a fuck load of pictures... of her... and the outside world... I need more pictures of myself LOLOL...ehehe ;;;;
Went to pick her up from the airport. It was quite the wait, but it was worth it. :3c


We went out shopping and bought some stuff, she more than I did but whatevaahh. I got what I wanted, ahaha.

Also got Assassin's Creed II :D


Thursday: We went to return AC II because my save file doesn't match with the Game of the Year version of the game RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE.

 SO I got Yakuza 4 instead. NNNNGH IT'S SO GOOD <333

 The Christmas tree on Dam Square in the center of town is HUGE. Σ(゜д゜;)

Saw this cool graffiti thinger on the door of a snackbar. Had to take a picture of it cause general lulz |Dc


Sunday: CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAASS. Today started out with waking up like a derp, kissing my love like a derp and then getting up like a derp to eat breakfast and open presents with my derpy family.

I bought my sister a game for the ps2, Demy a goth loli dress and a rilakkuma bag (You'll see on her blog), and mom make-up stuff and some accessories worth. @ u @ I'm broke now.
Mom got me DDR, though. ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ I fucking LOVE DDR !!

X. Naokin~

PS: Have my 5 year old playing DDR. She's pretty good at this game by now, she's getting Cs on beginner mode O:

*runs off to enjoy Yandere Monday by watching Mirai Nikki ep. 12*

zondag 18 december 2011

Terrible timing

Ever since Friday night, I've been sick. Sick as in headaches, stomach aches, runny nose, teary eyes, and an overal shitty feeling. I've been in bed and not being able to clean or properly breathe through my nose and it's general fuckery, tbh. I hate being sick, because I never get sick, but when I do, I get SICK. Especially when we switch seasons.

Spring -> Summer? Sick
Summer -> Fall? Sick.
Fall -> Winter? Sick.
Winter -> Spring? Sick.
^^ That was basically me going to/at work yesterday. No, customers, I don't want to take your fucking orders. I want to go back to bed and sleep >:UUU But at least I've been feeling better today. Don't feel as bad, so lets hope it dies out by tonight. It better, because Demy is coming TOMORROW and I CAN'T be sick while she's here! ASDFGJKLIUYGTTEYRTFVY. I have to start cleaning the place but uuuu all my tireds ; o ; I fell asleep at 5:18 and woke up about 3 hours later. We're gonna do so many fun thiiiiiiiings and uyxetucytvubkjm yes. Only 22 hours until I see my love ♥♥♥

Just took 2 nice pictures of myself. You can see my bangs got a bit lighter. This is the colour I wanted, so I am a happy camper!

Ever since last night, I've been listening to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's PONPONPON. Aaaa so cute <3

Pon pon wei wei wei pon pon wei pon wei pon pon ♪

x. Naokin

vrijdag 16 december 2011

Burando, why you so expensive?

Hey guys, it's been a while. Almost a week o:

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a brand called Murder License. It's an Ora Ora kei brand, but oh my god I am in love with their clothing! @ o @ So cool and stylish and it's exactly what I like! The only problem is.... it's so expensive ; O ;
Murder License, I don't have 17,850円(about €180) to spend on a coat ;___________; CRYING.
If I had the money, I'd have bought this, this and this  <333

These two guys look so cool ; o ; <3

Last friday(the 9th) was Purple Friday (for the people who don't know what it is, it's the day on which you wear purple as an act against homophobia) and you bet I slapped some purple on me! I think it's important to let people know what you stand for and believe in, as long as  it doesn't intrude on people's privacy and safety AND as long as you don't force it down their throat.

 Mah ootfit (*canadian*)
Turned my ass towards the camera on
the pic on the left so you could see the back.

My friend ordered a lot of these bracelets that read "STOP HOMOPHOBIA" and the url to the dutch GSA. I just grabbed the bag and went round the cafeteria and the rest of the school, handing them to all and everyone who was and wasn't wearing purple. Even the people who I'd NEVER have thought they'd want one, asked for one and boy, was I surprised o:

Yesterday I went out to the movies with my 2 friends Denise and Lisanne. We went to see the movie 'New Kids: NITRO" and jesus fucking chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist :'D too funny for words. The over-abused profanity and stupidity fused with chav-like atmosphere of the movie just made everything more amazing <3

I did my hair like this and, like the idiot I am, I forgot to take pics of my coord  >:T I also bought 2 boxes of bleach and re-bleached my bangs last night. Nothing happened :l RAAAAAAAAAAAGE

I'm gonna try and style my hair like this, because I like it
andI can actually pull it off if I do some effort lollol

I also finally started stretching my lobes to 8 and 10 mm
(0 and 00 gauge, 10/00 above). Man, my lobes are kinda throbbing, haha!


 "DARLING~" "HONEY~" ">U< "

x. Naokin~

vrijdag 9 december 2011

Hair, make up and pixel gyaru

Like the title reveals, I played around with my hair and practiced styling my hair in a  gyaru-o like hairstyle. It's better than my first attempt (which was in... october or so?) and I like it. I just need to find a way to properly make my hair stay UP instead of having it fall down after a short while. Even teasing it doesn't really help :c

I bought 2 new cans of hairspray and a thin comb to help me with this. I had never used Wella before, so I didn't know what to expect even though it's a famous brand (Plus, it was 2 extra large cans for 5 bucks. Hell yes.)

What do you think?  I went on Host Heaven for inspiration (was gonna go to Visual Decadence, but all the pictures got deleted :l), but most hairstyles on there are mori and ;___; I love mori, but I just can't/don't know how to do it.

That aside, today Demy showed me this blog called Bows and Curtseys and oh my fucking god, this woman is a goddess.  @ A @ I don't use make up in daily life, but the things she does with make up.. oh my god. It's.. it's like magic. Both she and her eye makes are beautifully gorgeous ♥♥♥

This is currently my favourite look of hers. It's called Dramatic Gold & Navy Evening Look. Mainly because I LOVE winged eyeshadow/cat eyes/whatever this is called and it looks GORGEOUS.

She has many more looks, some more casual and simple, some more dramatic and outgoing. Michelle Phan can come suck my dick. Veronica is this real queen of make up ♥

OH! I also found a site with A LOT of those cute chibi pixel gyaru gifs.

They had those and many many many MANY more. Most of them are gyaru , but there are a bunch of couple ones, too! :D For anyone who likes them, here you go.

That's all for now because I'm tired and have to get up in 5 hours. Tomorrow is Purple Friday, so I'll have to put purple laces on my Vans in the morning, haha!  Bye~

x. Naokin

dinsdag 6 december 2011

Too tired for life + guess what?

Hi guys~

My life has been pret-ty boring lately...well, as usual ;; Nothing exciting ever happens in my life
I went to work on Monday and at first I was kinda pissed that they scheduled me from 5 to 7 (2 hours!) even though we don't close till 11, but I didn't know we closed at 7 because of a Dutch holiday called Sinterklaas. After we cleaned the place, restocked shit and made it look nice, we went upstairs and had a little party. It was pretty awkward for me because they were smoking cigs and weed and drinking alcohol and I just sat there like ">A> .... o x o ....*sips cola, wants to go home*". I might act like a tough cookie, but in actuality I'm shy and awkward @ u @;; I had to get my girlfriend to call me so I had an excuse to gtfo ;;;;;;; I'm very sad. I know.

I've also been really tired. I don't know why, but I have been sleeping at school A LOT. I just get so tired and then I die ;____; Gonna try and go to bed early today. All my tireds, man. All my tireds.

My friend Rubab's lashes are naturally long, but when she puts on mascara, they look like falsies. O: I'd tell her to go gyaru, but she's very shy that wont ever happen LOL (and she needs to use less mascara because her lashes are long, but messy and they look funny.) .


When I made this post we were all "lololol what if it got posted on g_s?" but it didn't get posted that week so we were like "Aww", but this week it DID get posted so everything was funny and major laughs were had. We're glad it was a positive secret, because of all the negativity and drama that spawns from that place. It's hilarious, but negative.

Dems also went gyaru after I 'demanded' her to do so, bahaha. Here is her BLOG, she has about 2 posts up. Go and check her out, okay?

She's coming to visit me on the 19th and is staying till the 9th (3 WEEEEKS)
and I can't wait. <333 So excite <3

Now time for yesterday's coord.
I liked it. I got to wear my fox tail so I was le happy.

^  I went to school like this ^

When I went to work, I switched shoes because these Adidas sneakers are a bit too small for me
and I can't work in them because they have NO grip. At all :l So then it looked like this.

And now I've ran out of things to say, I will git. Buh-bai.

x. Naokin~