donderdag 4 september 2014

☆★ Gets ★☆

Soooo I got paid about €600 and I got my deposit from my old place back, soooo I went on a retail therapy adventure on the internet! I spent like €180 on shit LOL ;;;; 


I've always wanted one like this!

Both in red


Just gonna put captions underneath pics because I know you're not interested in my blabbing lmao

 I finally moved! (Assembling my closet was such a fucking HASSLE)

The day after I moved, I set up the most important area in my room LOL

I need more clothes hangers and a shoerack, and maybe a beanbag, but other than that we good!

Went out to eat with 2 friends from school. Ashley and Dian are such great friends! 

My face from the same day!

Bought boots before meeting them, because all of my other boots are super dead LOL;;;;
They have a heel on the inside and a slight insole, so I'm a 5'8 or so when I wear them. #InstagramShortBoys #TearsForDays

Did gyaru make up for work :3 My brows were so shit that day, ew

Had some errands to run and bleached my eyebrows that day, so I did gal make to celebrate my now-ginger brows LOL
My brows were the hottest shit that day, holy hell.

Jamie has this body pillow/dakimakura and huehuehuehue I slept well

I dressed my friend up!
She's currently really annoyed because she's like "Once you go dansou... how do you go back?!"
well, my dear Michaela (or should I say, Matthew): you don't. There is no way out.

I bought yet another cross necklace...
... I think.. I might possibly have a problem.. with cross necklaces.. maybe.

Mom bought me this while she was on holiday in Barcalona.
She also got me this, but the English is maji de wonky LOL 

.x N

donderdag 19 juni 2014

1-on-1 gal meet


It's almost been 2 months, huh? ( ´o 3 o `) I'd blog more, if I actually did stuff worth blogging about lmao frick. My life is so uneventful. (I think I say this like EVERY entry...shit)


On the 11th of June (Wednesday) I met up with one of my gyaru friends from school, Jenna!

Moi (how does one take proper coord shots???)

Found a Jenna!