vrijdag 27 april 2012

GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green - circle lense review!

On the 10th of April, I bought Princess Mimi Apple Green lenses! I bought them for from Lens Village and I love them! Dems told me to put on some eyeliner and take pics, so I did. I was supposed to study French, but I could make some time for these babies~ ♥ I usually don't care for brand, but these are gorgeous and I wanted to own some proper brand name lenses, okay?! BUH. >:6

Cost me $25,25/€19,92 because I also bought a lens case for them, but I used a 10% off coupon code c: They look absolutely amazing in their vials, in their cases, but, like Luxury Babe 08, not in my eyes. I got them on prescription, but my eyes kept defocussing last night. Might be because I was tired, so I'm not gonna say anything.. :/

 Lamp light
 Window light

They lose a bit of their vibrancy in regular/window light, but I was prepared for the vibrancy loss because this usually happens with green lenses on dark eyes.

× Shipping+Handeling:  10/10 I was impatient so it seemed pretty long, but 16 days isn't long at all c:
× Design: 8/10. It looks really nice, but the vibrancy on dark brown eyes.
× Comfort: I can't feel they're in my eyes at all, which is love, but I dunno why my eyes are acting up. My New Adult Brown lenses don't do this.. 8/10
× Things I heard about them: 6/10. I've heard many, maaaaaany good things about these, but a girl apparently got an eye ulcer because of these lenses! If they pop, she might go blind. THAT'S SCARING ME TO DEATH, OKAY. I DONT WANT TO BE BLIND, OKAY. (8 A 8) WAAAA.

× Overall rating: 8/10

 Have my face and my 2 minute eyeliner. :3
Proud of my 'winging' skills lolol

maandag 23 april 2012


Melissa (go visit her blog, she's a beautiful gal mama!)tagged me... days ago now, but since I was busy the last few days, I had no time to do it. But now I do!
Rules: Post a pic and 
                             7 random facts, GO!!

  1. I'm trying to get into college for Game Art! ( ̄ー ̄)v

  2. I'm not the most wonderful student. I get decent grades and everything, but since here in The Netherlands colleges don't look at your grades, I'm floating around the 60's. 55 is passing rate, so ( ̄∇ ̄ ) Board the 'minimal effort' train~ =3=3=3 chugga chugga chugga~.

  3. I'm a Grammar Nazi. I typo a lot, but I know my grammar. Native English speakers fucking up their own language simply because they SERIOUSLY don't know or because they're lazy piss me off. In some countries, they even lie about being dyslexic just because they suck at spelling. Seriously though, DEFINITELY is not a hard word to spell. FUCK.

  4. I'm a huge otaku (sue me), but not a weeaboo. If I do weeaboo things, I'm doing it on purpose. I don't say "That's so kawaii" or  "He's so sugoi!" or anything like that. Bah.

  5. Mirai Nikki is my favourite manga EVER. When the status of anime was green-lit, I flipped my shit. (TT u TT) It ended on Monday, but it was so good. Oh, yes. ♥ I need the rest of the volumes even though I've already read them all~!
  6. I've been with Demy for 2 years and 3 months now. (05'01'10 ♥) We broke up twice due to personal reasons, but those didn't last long. A day at best :'D All the way across the world, but I just can't stay away from that woman. ♥ Love her too much.

  7. I'm emotionally detached. Basically, it means that I've got problems understanding feelings and why people people are acting like they are because of those feelings, simply because I'm not close to my own emotions myself. I come off as an icebox or a mean bitch if I say something that might be hurtful in a certain situation, but it's not on purpose. I just don't understand. Because of it, I'm a rather calm person and don't give a lot of fucks, so a lot of things seem trivial to me. Things that happen to me have to hit HARD for me to actually be upset about it.

woensdag 18 april 2012


I said that my next update would be in May, but fuck that shit. I want to post an update! >:0

I bought my Princess Mimi Apple Green circle lenses last week Tuesday(the 10th) off LensVillage.com. Can't wait till they arrive >u<
I've been coording and restyling my wig! Monday I was a school boy and today I did a little Real Ma*rs inspired coord, because I love Real Ma*rs. ; A ; I want all of their hoodies and t-shirts. Skull priiiiint reiundceofiefnvd ♥

 Went to school as a school boy :'D I think this is one of my fav coords till now, if not my fav <3

My friend Denise let me borrow the latest issue of a j-culture magazine and it had Puella Magi Madoka Magica as the main topic! She doesn't know what it is and she doesn't like moe either, so she let me have the poster! >U< EEEEEE It's shit that Kyouko isn't on it, though :/ Pff.

 Pictures I took after work. I love city shots, especially at night.

Real Ma*rs inspired.
I went on the Ma*rs site last night and I was all *O*. I need  they clothing. Now.

Other than that, life has been dull. I've even studying history(Not enough. I feel severely unprepared and I hate it) and gone to work + school. ._. I live the wild life, fo' sho'. I'll go be a tad upset before I fall asleep now :/ I feel neglected.

x. Naokin

ps: Add me on Draw Something! Nezumin is the name!

zondag 15 april 2012

Das Boot ♫

I am morally obligated to share/reblog this whenever I see it. ♥
:l The video actually shows up this time.

woensdag 4 april 2012

Birthday things + OOTD 04/03/12

I'm too lazy to type things about yesterday aside from captions for pictures, so I'm just gonna spam with pictures (´ ∀ `)ノ

 First off, yesterday's coord and (failed?) hairmake. :l My hair just DIDN'T want to stay up ;__; cry.

 My grandma bought me 20 of these :D

 CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!! It was vanilla/mocca, and even though I don't like mocca, it was actually pretty good O: ♥

But unfortunately I cant touch it cause I'm saving up to buy an ACER Aspire 7250-E304G50MN
Aka, this baby vvv

It's 409 bucks, I seriously need a new laptop because mine is constantly fucking up and I just guuuuuuh. 
I'll put about.. 90 of my paycheck with that 155 together with the money I'll get on Saturday (hoping my friends actually listened to me about not wanting presents but wanting money :l) and then ask mom if she's willing to pay the remaining sum @ u @ Cause I kiiiiinda need it for college

I also ordered a binder so my coords will look better c:


Today's coord
 My style is rather onii-kei, don't ya think? I wanna do some CoLu, damnit (ò 3 ó)ノ I hate how pictures make me look bigger than I actually am. :I I did gain weight, but I didn't put on THAT much >:C Fucking CAMERAS. 

Ah well, I ran out of things to say, so I'll be going again~! 
ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


maandag 2 april 2012

OOTD 02/04/12, bleached hair, & My birthday?!

I also bleached my hair after work. I love it! >u<
So I decided to be a stubborn brat and bleach my hair myself anyway even though heaps of people told me I should go to a professional. :U I wanted this shit today, so here I it is! It didn't get blonde aside from the points closest to my scalp, but I was expecting this. Other than that, I love it! Just straightened what I dyed and this is what it looks like. I conditioned it like crazy afterwards, together with the rest of my hair and it feels the same as before I dyed it so everything went great 8D

 With the dark brown hair tied up on my head like a pineapple

What it looks like with all my hair down.



X. Naokin