donderdag 31 mei 2012

\o/ Shopping haul and a little update on life :3

Yesterday I went shopping with my mama. I haven't been out with her in FOREVER and she was so happy when I said I'd join her. ; u ; Made me feel like a bad person for not spending time with my mother because she was all "YAAAAAY! *hugs me* (>w<)!! " Mom, stop that!♥ Anyway, Mom and I went to the Albert Cuyp market because she said that it's one of the first things you have to do when it's starting to get summer-y in Amsterdam. I love the Albert Cuyp, so many great clothes you'd never find in regular stores and the prices aren't ridiculous either! Demy, next summer, I will take you there. You have to experience a Dutch market, they're great!

New Adult/Blytheye Grey - circle lens review

Hello~ Back once again with a new eye colour :'D This time I will show you New Adult/Blytheye Grey. Ordered from TheDollyEye and they arrived in 16 days, so the delivery times are amazing ♥
Just as everyone else, I got a free BB cream with my order :3 Can't use it though, I'm not white XD

woensdag 16 mei 2012

; - ; I'm a bad blogger

 This is me right now.

Sorry for being less than non-active, but I'm currently in the middle of my senior finals and I can't really blog because I'm either studying or taking a break from studying by being on msn/skype for a bit
  • Tuesday 15: Dutch
  • Wednesday 16: Economics
  • Monday 21: History
  • Wednesday 23: Art
  • Tuesday 29: Geography
    I have finals for 7 classes, but it's only for 5 days and there are a bunch of days off , so that's okay. . Last year I failed, so I had to retake the entire year and I'm NOT willing to let all of that go to waste. I just want my damned high school diploma. Therefore: no posts until the 2nd or the 3rd!

    But, I can tell you what I'll be posting in the future. A list in no particular order:
    • New Adult/Blytheye gray review
    • Outfit post
    • Inspiration post
    • Post about my intake at college on the 1st of June
    • Might be going to a gal meet on either the 10th or the 30th. (Probably the 10th cause I don't think I'm ready for a meet all the way in Germany yet @u@;; )
    And that's about it for now. Wish me luck on my finals, guys!

    Naoki x. 

    woensdag 2 mei 2012

    Queen's day!

    Monday (the 30th) was the Dutch national holiday called Queen's day! We celebrate our old queen's birthday  by turning the country into a flea market and partying hard from am to am. As you can see in the pictures below, people dress in orange on this day. I own no orange clothing and dressed in blue. :'D

    Unfortunately, had to work from 12 to 8, but I got my share of queen's day in! Went out to the Vondel park and walked around to take in the atmosphere. I really like Queen's day. It's rather crowded and busy all day, but everyone's happy and having fun. Everything that's sold is REALLY cheap (video games for €1 each. Um, fuck yea?)and  you can even bargain :'D *feels wonderfully Dutch by talking about cheap things*

    ;_; I bought games in the beginning and people that also selled games kept thinking I stole their games ;___; IS IT BECAUSE I'M BLACK? HUH? WELL?! 8 A 8 Huuuuuu

    Some dude also sold his Playstation3 for 100 bucks. :l That guy must've been retarded or it was broken.

    My gets!  Videogames for €1 each and a gameboy colour for €3! The keys are a bit busted, but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeyy GBC! ♥

    ANYWAY, I took some pictures :3

     Trams had the dutch flag on them .u.