woensdag 12 februari 2014

[REVIEW] GEO Angel Eye Violet

Since I have time this morning and reading reviews made me want to write my own, I have come to do what I do in return for my sponsor's kind free-of-charge items: review stuff!

I ordered 3 pair of lenses at Kawaii Deluxe, but I've only got one pair at the moment (the other two weren't in stock), which is EOS Angel Eye Violet!

A little info on these lenses!
Diameter: 14.2mm
Prescription: 0.00 to -8.00
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 Year disposal

I can't really say anything about the shipping times for they're in the same company as I am so it didn't take more than a few days, sooooooo I'll go on to the pictures! 行くよー!★

 Window/natural light

Flash (wow I derped)
 One in, one out.

Color 4/5
In the vials they look really nice, but in actuality they're more blue-ish than violet. With flash they look really good, though! They're also not as vibrant as I expected them to be.

Design 4/5
A nice and simple design. Not much going on, but that makes them look a little more natural despite the fact that they're a very unnatural colour (hehehe)

Enlargement 3/5
They are 14.2mm which makes them only a little bit bigger than the usual iris. I have large eyes, so I like lenses that are at least 14.5mm. I tried these to see if smaller lenses would suit me as well, but not as much XD If you're looking for small but still eyecatching lenses, these are definitely a thing!

Comfort 3.5/5
I really don't know why, but they became very irritating after about 30 minutes to an hour ;__; At first they're really comfortable and you don't feel them at all, but then afterwards it's all "Yes, hello? Your eyes are burning like crazy and your make up is about to run down your cheeks". Maybe it's just this pair..?

+ Vibrant purple colour in rooms with light and outside
+ The colour make your eyes stand out even though they're small

Con's- Not all that enlarging.
- They went from heavenly to "I don't want to open my eyes" in about 30 minutes ;;
- Not very vibrant from a distance

x. N

Missed me? [obnoxious laughter]

I'm so horrible at blogging oh my GOD okay okay

I will post a bunch of pics because I know that's the only thing you're actually interested in anyway [LAUGHS] I'm hope you guys are still reading my blog.. In the past months a lot has changed, bad things and good things happened, and I'm not exactly satisfied with the outcome ;;; I'll have to pull myself through, ne?

During my absense I've been very busy with school and work (and a shit ton of personal issues), but both of those ended up taking its toll aaaaaaaaaand I kinda failed my first year of college :') *nervous laughter* I'll be retaking the year, of course, but I'm really upset about this, because I'm sure that most of my friends DID pass the Dutch exams (which I didn't a.k.a the reason why I failed) and will be advancing to the second year and will be going to Japan in their third year without me and ivyhkbsvbsj NO. FRICK. I'm so upset, guys. You won't BELIEVE. *cries gently* 本当に怒っていますよ。死にたいOTL


TO RELAX MYSELF I have fapped done some shopping and also leveled up my gyaru game! Did a bunch of gal make (either on myself or on my friends) and I've gotten a lot better!

No, really.
The GazettE hoodie,  The GazettE tshirt