donderdag 19 juni 2014

1-on-1 gal meet


It's almost been 2 months, huh? ( ´o 3 o `) I'd blog more, if I actually did stuff worth blogging about lmao frick. My life is so uneventful. (I think I say this like EVERY entry...shit)


On the 11th of June (Wednesday) I met up with one of my gyaru friends from school, Jenna!

Moi (how does one take proper coord shots???)

Found a Jenna!

We went to a town right across the German border called Aachen (also known as Aken) to do some, surprise surprise, shopping! It took about an hour by bus, but it went by super quickly!

This was my first time in Tally Weijl!

 I expected more of it tbh??? Maybe the winter collections are better?? 

I was gonna buy this top, but it looked horrible on me LOL

Every full body mirror is an opportunity to take photos.
We unintentionally went with the same Black x Leopard theme LOL

Afterwards she took me to this drugstore called DM because it supposedly was supposed to sell brand cosmetics and hair products that went for €15 in The Netherlands for less than €6.



I bought some lipstick because I had none for gyaru, but now ah-doooo.

I've never bought anything regarding lip colour before, so I hope I didn't fuck it up LOL;;;;fuck

I'm a sucker for nice packaging. I don't care about the product, JUST GIVE ME THE BOX.

Can you believe that all of this...

..didn't even total up to €20?! My wallet is so happy!

German McDonalds time~ We are very happy (*´ v `*)

I had a happy meal.

Jenna had a McFlurry.

Gaaame Stoooooop~ We don't have this in The Netherlands :(

We booked it into a NewYorker and I got the flyest oraora kei hoodie like YOOOO I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR ONE LIKE THIS FOR 2 YEARS NOW.

It doesn't have pockets... BUT I'M SO HAPPY

After we got back home, we met up with Jenna's boyfriend at KFC. :') We couldn't even finish our food tbh.

When I got home, my lashes were loose in both the inner and outer corner. 
I was afraid they'd blow off in the wind LMAO

And that's about it! I did something with my life. INCREDIBLE.

.x N

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